Our Team

The professional staff of EHT Traceries is comprised of architectural historians, historians, preservation planners some of whom are trained as architects and civil engineers. All are trained in the discipline of research and evaluative methodology with graduate degrees in historic preservation, architectural history, and/or history. Specializing in the critical investigation and examination of American architecture, the senior staff contributes various individual areas of specialization, significantly broadening the firm’s ability to meet a wide range of needs. Committed to the highest levels of academic standards, EHT Traceries is particularly skilled at transferring the results of thorough study into the realm of practical application.

The firm is associated with professionals from other disciplines including photographers, archaeologists, conservation specialists, landscape historians, and historic interiors specialists who regularly work with EHT Traceries on a consultant basis.

EHT Traceries has built its reputation by providing work of the highest quality, maintaining an objective posture and a commitment to comprehensive preparation. All professional personnel meet the National Park Service qualifications (36 CFR 61 Appendix A) as architectural historians.

EHT Traceries is recognized as a Small/Disadvantaged/Minority-Owned Business Enterprise by the Maryland Department of Transportation, the Virginia Department of Transportation, and the District of Columbia Department of Public Works.

The Principals

Emily Hotaling Eig
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Laura Harris Hughes
Chief Operating Officer
Afshin Vettovaglia
Chief Financial Officer

The Staff

Kim Daileader
Director of Technical Preservation Services
Senior Project Manager
John Gentry
Senior Architectural Historian
Project Manager
Eric Griffitts
Director of Survey & Documentation
Senior Project Manager
Neale Grisham
Erin Howe
Lead Historic Tax Credits
Senior Project Manager
Kate Hurwitz
Director of Administration
Mia Maloney
Historic Preservation Specialist
Devon Murtha
Architectural Historian
Emily Pelesky
Cultural Resource Specialist
Nicole Starego
Architectural Historian
Alyssa Stein
Lead Entitlements
Senior Project Manager
Sarah Vonesh
Director of Preservation Planning
Senior Project Manager
Anna Dubansky
Senior Historic Preservation Planner