Our Team

The Principals

Emily Hotaling Eig

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Laura Harris Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

Afshin Vettovaglia

Chief Financial Officer

The Staff

Avigail Charnov

Senior Conservator
Historic Preservation Specialist

Kim Daileader

Director of Technical Preservation Services
Senior Project Manager

John Gentry

Architectural Historian
Project Manager

Eric Griffitts

Lead Survey & Documentation
Senior Project Manager

Carleigh Hessian

Project Assistant

Erin Howe

Lead Historic Tax Credits
Senior Project Manager

Kate Hurwitz

Director of Administration

Alyssa Stein

Lead Entitlements
Senior Project Manager

Sarah Vonesh

Director of Preservation Planning
Senior Project Manager

Ben Walker

Architectural Historian

Katherine Wallace

Senior Architectural Historian

Anna Dubansky

Historic Preservation Planner
Midwest Division