Georgetown Car Barn

Location: Washington, D.C.

Intent:  EHT Traceries was retained on behalf of the Prospect Street Citizens Association to prepare  the landmark nomination following the announcement of development on the site. The landmark nomination was approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board in January 2019. The  Georgetown Car Barn, designed by prolific Washington architect Waddy Butler Wood, was constructed between 1895-1897 as one of the first terminals of its kind not only in Washington, DC, but in the country. As a “union” station serving four streetcar lines operating through DC, Maryland, and Virginia, the Car Barn represents a significant and dramatic shift from independent streetcar operations to a new paradigm of cooperation among private owners of public transportation concerns in the greater-Washington area. Integral to the Car Barn’s construction was a retaining wall, which bisects Square 1202 and wraps around three sides of the Car Barn, that was built following a significant excavation of
the site between 1894-1895. A pedestrian stairway located adjacent to the Car Barn, made famous for its association with the 1973 film The Exorcist, form the oldest and best-known pedestrian link in the District.

This project and its relationship with the Exorcist Stairs was featured on WBAL TV11. View the clip here.

Scope:  National Register Nomination

Size:  1.04 acres

Dates:  2018-2019