Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company Keg House

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Intent:  EHT Traceries completed a Historic Preservation Certification Application for the Keg House, constructed in 1937, in pursuit of state and federal rehabilitation tax credits to transform from the vacant industrial building associated with the Jacob Schmidt Brewing Company into a retail development, centered around a food market and local vendors. EHT Traceries completed extensive research at local and national repositories to assist the project team in the development of design solutions that would preserve the currently abandoned building’s character defining features, while meeting the needs of the proposed development. EHT Traceries also coordinated consultation with the State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service to coordinate consistency of the plans and specifications with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. The project opened to the public in late 2018 and is anticipated to receive its HPCA Part 3 certification in mid-2019.

Client:  Schmidt Keg House, LLC

Project Size:  22,689 sf

Project Dates:  2014-2019