Pennsylvania Disaster Planning For Historic Properties

Location: 4 Counties in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Bedford, Cameron, and Monroe

Intent:  In the wake of several major disaster events in recent years, including flooding from both Tropical Storm Lee in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Traceries, working with Vision Planning and Consulting, conducted a Phase II Study, Disaster Planning for Historic Properties Initiative for four counties across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Study focused on assessing flood vulnerability of previously identified and surveyed historic resources, and preparing detailed plans and tailored considerations for disaster mitigation activities for historic properties in those counties. Traceries began by developing historic contexts including discussion of past hazard occurrences that had impacted each county, followed by the development of informative and effective preservation-based hazard mitigation solutions to help reduce their vulnerability to natural hazards.

Size:  4 Counties

Client:  Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission (PHMC); Vision Planning and Consulting

Collaboration:  Vision Planning and Consulting

Completion:  2018